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We begin 2013 with a series that brings us back to our core.  What are the core values of this church?
We have 5.  They are: Loved People Love, Found People Find People, Saved People Serve People, Real Disciples Make Disciples, and On Mission Across  the Street and Around the World.  Each Sunday during this 5 week series we will discuss and develop one of our 5 core values.

Introduction: At the Core – 1/6/13 Brad Bessent

Loved People Love – 1/13/13 Brad Bessent 

Found People Find People – 1/20/13 Brad Bessent 

Saved People Serve People – 1/27/13 Ken Addison 

Real Disciples Make Disciples – 2/03/13 Ken Addison 

Real Disciples Make Disciples Part 2 – 2/10/13 Daryl Price