A Holy Nation (July 5, 2015)

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1 Peter 2.9-10

Questions to Consider

  1. How do the privileges mentioned in these verses make us a special and unique people?
  2. How does our identity and privileges as believers trump any other worldly identity? How are our identity and privileges as believers better than any other worldly identity?
  3. Why is it easy to make an idol out of our American values?
  4. When we idolize our American values and then lose our joy when they are removed, what does that tell our world about the God we serve?
  5. How can we look at our nation as not our home and idolize it, and instead look at it as our mission field and evangelize it?
  6. When you mourn and grieve for the direction of our country, are you mourning and grieving for yourself that your way of life is being removed, or for a nation that is headed to destruction? How can you tell?

Action Steps For The Week

  1. Pray for our nation, for God to redeem those we would deem as enemies of the gospel.
  2. Worship God this week for the privileges you have as a believer. Spend some time thinking about why your spiritual identity is better than your earthly identity.