Jesus Offers Living Hope (April 5, 2015)

Message from April 5, 2015 “Jesus Offers Living Hope”

1 Peter 1:3-4

Jesus offers a living hope to all who trust Him for salvation from their sin. God demonstrated His love and gave Jesus as a propitiation for our sin (atonement for sin, enduring God’s wrath as a sacrificial substitution) through His death on the cross. His resurrection from death promises the believer three things: 1) Jesus is Lord. 2) God was satisfied with the sacrifice of Jesus for our sin and the debt for our sin is paid in full. We are accepted by God in Christ based on His merit and not ours. 3) For those in Christ, being identified with Him in His death for our sin, we are also identified with Him in His resurrection to eternal life. Because of this, those in Jesus have an eternal heavenly home that will never fade, die, or be defiled. This living hope is for those who trust Christ by faith.

Questions to Consider

  1. How does the resurrection give believers living hope?
  2. How does putting our hopes in anything other than Christ classify as dead hope? Why do people settle for dead hope?
  3. How does this living hope help in times of trial and struggle?
  4. How does the resurrection of Christ settle any doubt of whether Christ is Lord or not? Why do people disregard this fact, deny His Lordship, and not submit their lives to Him?
  5. Knowing that the resurrection shows the complete satisfaction of God for Jesus’ payment for sin, and that God accepts us based on what Christ did and not what we do, how is your view of life and salvation changed? How does that free you from performance-based salvation? How does that lead you to obedience instead of using it as a license to sin?

Action Steps

  1. Worship God every day this week for what He has done for you in the death and resurrection of Jesus.
  2. In a spirit of prayer, read the first chapter of 1 Peter in one sitting multiple times this week. Let the truth and instruction feed you.
  3. This week, share the living hope that God offers in Christ with one person that you know that is living their life based on a dead hope.