Life Groups

Real Life Groups were designed with you in mind! These small, casual groups offer the best way for you to get connected here at Beulah no matter your age or season of life. We focus on bringing the Bible and everyday issues together all the while building meaningful relationships. Real Life Groups also provide opportunities for community involvement. Groups meet weekly in homes throughout our community. Our Real Life Groups are open groups, so there is always room for you!

Five Reasons Why You Should Join a Real Life Group

1. You will understand the Bible better through group discussion, and you will be able to apply it to your own personal situations.

2. You will develop close relationships with other believers who will walk beside you in your journey as a follower of Jesus.

3. You will find answers to the needs in your life through group prayer.

4. You will get support in times of crisis or major changes from people who really care for you.

5. You will be able to demonstrate to your lost friends the love of Jesus in a non-church setting.


Top 10 Questions People Ask About Real Life Groups

  1. How much of my time is this going to take?
    Small groups usually meet weekly for one and a half to two hours. However, many small groups also meet at other times just to connect for fun! Doing life together means eating out, playing golf, going boating, and even taking vacations together. The community that is built in a small group can be life-changing.
  2. What are we going to do with our children during the life group time?
    Each group is responsible for their children and decides the best method to take care of their kids. Groups might hire a baby sitter, have adults rotate watching the kids each week, etc.
  3. Will there be homework? If so, how much?
    Each life group has some kind of study commitment that will require some homework. You only get out of something what you put into it, so each group will establish some expectations of members in order for everyone to get the most out of the group.
  4. Am I going to have to talk, or can I just sit and listen during the life group time?
    Life groups are like a family — sometimes you talk and sometimes you listen. No one is forced to talk or to lead the group. Everyone moves at a different pace, and you are allowed to go at yours.
  5. Will I have to pray out loud?
    No! You are allowed to move and grow at your own pace. When you decide you would like to pray out loud, you will be welcome to do so, but you won’t be forced into it.
  6. Who else is going to be in the group?
    Life Groups are formed by the leader or members inviting friends, neighbors, or acquaintances. Others might come to the group through the small group request form.
  7. How much do I have to know about the Bible in order to get into a Real Life Group?
    Nothing! Life groups are about learning the Bible, not debating it or being tested on it. You are welcome no matter where you are in your knowledge of God’s Word! Everyone in the group will be at a different place in how much they know, and that makes for a healthy, growing group.
  8. How many weeks or months is this group going to last?
    Life groups usually become multiple groups in 12 to 16 weeks.
  9. If I don’t like it, can I leave without people getting mad at me?
    Yes, but most people build such community that they do not want to stop being part of the life group. We tell people to try a group for at least 3 weeks, and at the end of that time each person can choose to continue with the group or not. This allows you a definite time to try a life group, but also have the assurance that there is an “out.” If one group doesn’t work, we will help you find one that fits!
  10. What are we going to be doing in the Real Life Group?
    There is time for fellowship, which includes eating and building community. Then there is time to study God’s Word. This is where the group learns and discusses the material and Scripture that has been previously agreed upon. There is always time for prayer and sharing of life issues, where others in your group can help you walk through life and not be alone.

Connect to Others Through Real Life Groups!

We know it can be difficult to move from a large gathering like Sunday worship and take the step of committing to a small group of people. We want to help you take that step at a pace and in an environment that will be safe, encouraging, and successful for you. Here are some suggested steps to help you connect to a real life group:

  • Connect to a Life Group — Begin the process of connecting to a group that meets off-campus. Each group is designed to help you connect in a safe, easy-to-access opportunity. Contact us at or 803-776-2188 with questions.
  • Discover Beulah Baptist –by attending the Beulah “Link Lunch” that covers the mission and motivation behind Beulah Baptist. This class is led by one of our pastors.