Ruth Sermon Series, Part 1 (July 12, 2015)

Listen to the message here

Read Ruth 1

Questions to Consider
1. What does the book of Ruth show us about God? What specifically does it show us about God’s sovereignty?
2. When have you felt like Naomi in Chapter 1?
3. When we go through struggles, why are we tempted to focus more on the pain or struggle we feel than we are the sovereignty of God? What does that tell us about our desire? How can we change our focus during those times? How does focusing on His sovereignty during those times help us and glorify Him?
4. Have you ever felt like God couldn’t use you? How does the truth from Ruth encourage us when we feel like that?
5. Where else in Scripture have you seen God work His purpose through times where it seemed He was silent?
6. How does Romans 8:28 apply to the truth from Ruth?
7. How is the book of Ruth a picture of the gospel?

Action Steps for the week
1. Read the book of Ruth.
2. Each day, reflect on one way you’ve seen God work His plan for His glory through struggles in Scripture and one way that He has done so in your life. Worship Him for that.
3. Identify those who may feel like Ruth because of their situations in life. Encourage them with the truth from Ruth.