Ruth Sermon Series, Part 3 (July 26, 2015)

Listen to the message here

Read Ruth 2

Questions to Consider
1. How did God’s guidance in a simple matter of which field to glean in change Ruth’s life to accomplish His plan? Where have you seen God direct His will at certain moments in your life in ways that didn’t seem like “big” moments at the time? How does that lead us to trust Him in everyday life now and in the future?
2. What does Ruth’s commitment to God and Naomi during hard times in chapter 2 say about her commitment and faith? How can we tell if we are following God faithfully in hard times instead of going back to our “Moab?” Why is God worth following even when times are incredibly difficult?
3. Ruth is described as coming to take refuge under the wings of God? How have believers come to take refuge under the wings of God in Christ?
4. How is Boaz and his kindness and generosity an incredible example of Christ? How have we as believers been shown incredible kindness in Christ? How do we have all we need in Christ? How does remembering who we were before His kindness in Christ found us affect our response of worship and obedience to Him? How can you focus on what you have in Christ more instead of what you don’t have in the world? How would that affect your joy, worship, satisfaction, and obedience?

Action Steps for This Week
1. Read the book of Ruth. Share the story with someone, using it as a bridge to share the gospel of Jesus.
2. List as many ways as you can think of that Scripture reveals the kindness we’ve been shown in Christ as believers. Use Ephesians 1-2, Romans 8, Philippians 4, Galatians 5 to get you started. Worship Him for these.